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How to Choose Supermarket Shelves to Save More Money?

Apr. 07, 2020

Today, the store shelf manufacturer in China will tell you some misunderstandings when choosing the shelf is easy to enter. Look here, don't choose the wrong next time ~

1. There are a lot of shelves in the market now. Supermarket operators will only consider the size, style, load-bearing, and price of supermarket shelves when choosing the right shelf. Although these are also important factors that determine the performance of supermarket shelves, many supermarkets operate After comparing the prices between shelf manufacturers, most of them sometimes choose a shelf factory with a relatively low price. Many small factories are using the psychology that customers want to buy shelves at a low price, using raw materials that do not meet national standards. manufacture. If it is used for a long time, the problem of shelf damage will occur due to the failure of the material. In this case, whether we repair the shelf or replace the shelf, it is an increase in cost for us. Therefore, when we choose the shelf, we must not buy some small factories at low prices because of the price.

2. The low-cost small factories do not have professional designers to design the shelves reasonably. They have always followed the design of other shelves. Finally, when the shelves are installed, the size, specifications and supermarket layout of the supermarket shelves will appear unreasonable.

3. Operators generally do not test the stability of shelves when they purchase store shelves. The stability of the shelf is determined according to the overall structure of the shelf. There are many unstable factors. Let ’s take a look together: the design of the shelf, the construction of the shelf, and the raw materials used in the processing we mentioned earlier. If there is such a problem with the shelf you buy, it will directly affect the service life of your shelf.

4. The problem of anti-corrosion. The anti-corrosion of the shelf is closely related to the life of the shelf. The anti-corrosion layer of the problematic shelf will fall off after a short time, and the shelf without the protection of the anti-corrosion layer will easily age and cause hidden safety problems The cost of input is also a loss, so choosing a good shelf is not only protection of the shelf but also saves a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Vegetable And Fruit Shelf

Vegetable And Fruit Shelf

The vegetable and fruit shelf of our company is unique in style and fashionable in design.

1. Use a reasonable tilt angle and adopt a multi-layered design to increase the sense of space. In order to occupy a smaller space and maximize the exposure of the product.

2. With freely movable fruit and vegetable baskets, reasonable distribution, increase the variety of products displayed and effectively stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

3. Render the original ecological atmosphere of nature, subconsciously convey the delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables. Improve customer shopping experience and increase trust in the store.

4. The intimate design of the details, the use of mathematical geometry reinforcement in many places, stable like a rock. The baffle design can be lifted to effectively use the space for storing spare fruits.

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