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How to Choose Shelves in the Newly Opened Supermarket?

Apr. 16, 2020

With the development of the economy, convenience stores and small supermarkets are blooming in the market. Under the competition of various convenience stores, it is a very challenging thing to open a community supermarket. Although the supermarkets in the community are similar to the convenience stores, the customers are still very different from the group. And now that the country supports the development of the retail industry, the development trend of supermarkets is very long-term. Therefore, different formats need to use different styles and prices of store shelf made in china to display goods, so the choice of supermarket shelves is very important.

Convenience stores are dominated by snacks and water drinks while living supermarkets are dominated by daily necessities and daily dishes. So if you want to open an ideal supermarket, you need to have a certain understanding of supermarket shelves. After all, supermarket shelves are particularly important for a supermarket.

The following store shelf exporter will take you to introduce how to buy supermarket shelves ~

1. Confirm the layout and planning of the supermarket, and choose supermarket shelves of different materials according to the different themes and regions. For example, in the snack area, you can use the middle shelf of the shelf. Like some daily necessities, you can choose to hook the middle shelf. If you are unfamiliar with the layout, choose a suitable manufacturer specializing in the production of shelves for consultation. (If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.)

2. The material of the shelves, the commonly used shelves are the following, all-steel shelves, steel-wood shelves, wooden shelves and so on. The shelf column is relatively thick, and its load-bearing capacity is the strongest. It can place some relatively heavy items, such as some cooking oil, rice cookers, etc. It not only retains the load-bearing performance but also adds beautiful wood grain decoration, which can be placed with various products. The cost of wooden shelves is relatively high. Generally, some expensive items are placed, such as imported fruits, fruits and vegetables, and promotional red wine.

After determining the style of the shelf and the material of the shelf, it is necessary to match the style of the community supermarket. There are many combinations of supermarket shelves, many accessories, according to the different accessories can match a variety of combinations. Such as hooks, shelves, light strips, and side panels. Before purchasing shelves, set in advance according to the needs of supermarket drawings and displays.

3. When everything is ready, it is necessary to select manufacturers with superior quality to provide production. Looking for suppliers, we need to find some well-known shelf manufacturers. As a professional shelf manufacturer, it can help you solve many problems, not only the quality is guaranteed, but also good after-sales service.

The above are the tips on the four store shelves for you, I hope it will help you! If you have more questions about the supermarket shelves, you can contact our company!

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