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What Should Pay Attention to When Buying Supermarket Shelves?

Mar. 26, 2020

Supermarkets cannot be separated from supermarket shelves. There are many types of store shelf. Let us briefly introduce the shelves.

Pay attention to the following when purchasing supermarket shelves:

The supermarket shelf system is applicable to supermarkets, warehouse-type malls, etc. In addition to the main body of the shelf, the supermarket system also has various types of containers, net cages, handling, and shelves for material handling equipment, manual picking and selecting cars, supermarket bar code system, cash register processing system, ordering, storage, and sales of computer software and hardware systems.

Store shelf manufacturer believes that there are many types of supermarket shelves, and the classification can be divided into three categories: The first category is supermarket shelves used in large shopping malls. There are 9 types of shelves in suitable large shopping malls:

1. Yongguan-style shelves

2.Anchen-style shelves

3.Big back shelf

4.Shanghai-style shelves

5, storage supermarket shelves

6.Central backplane shelf

7.Big back mesh shelves

8, washing shelves

9, electrical shelves, etc.

The above 9 types of shelves made in China are commonly used shelves that are differentiated according to their styles and processes. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Shelves Made In China

 Shelves Made in China

The second type is the shelves of convenience stores in small and medium supermarkets. The main characteristics of this type of shelves are delicate, responsive, and flexible, and there are 7 types of light weight:

1. Small center backboard shelf 2. Small back net shelf 3. Four-post rack 4. Small hanging rack. 5, angle steel shelves 6, changeable shelves 7, storage shelves and so on.

The third type is the emergence of new types of shelves, namely technology shelves, which are equipped with LED lights on the shelves. The main body is still very different from ordinary shelves.

Design scheme of wooden supermarket shelves:

The selection of wooden shelves is also very important. Good wood can make the shelves look very high-end, especially as a supermarket shelf to display the effects of goods. Proper color matching can make the overall tone of the shelves elegant and integrate with the modern store environment.

The use of wooden supermarket shelves is mostly in the fresh area, fruit and vegetable area, grain and oil area of the supermarket, which belongs to the emerging market. At present, the industry is still relatively chaotic. There are not many well-known manufacturers, and there is no unified standard. The development prospect is good.

Because wooden supermarket shelves are familiar, they can bring more security and confidence. Large-scale stores increasingly require a strong sense of layering. The layering of various settings, such as lighting, colors, wall shapes, props, and special areas, allows customers to have a clear sense of location.

What we have introduced above is the design plan of the shelves. We must do well in the maintenance of the supermarket shelves during use so that it can have a longer service life.

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