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Boosting the Logistics Industry-Flat Trolleys

Feb. 18, 2020

In recent years, many local governments in China have given great support to the logistics industry as a pillar industry in the future. The rapid development of automobiles, airports, railways, ports, warehousing, postal services, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, and three-dimensional parking garages has also provided a huge market space for modern logistics equipment manufacturers. As more multinational companies and large enterprises enter China's manufacturing and distribution industries, the market demand for modern production logistics systems will be stronger. The development of modern logistics is inseparable from advanced logistics equipment. logistic cart china, as the backbone of logistics equipment, has won the favor of customers.

Flatbed trolley is a small-sized handling vehicle that is mainly driven by humans and generally transports goods horizontally on the road without power. The carrying capacity of the flatbed is generally below 500kg. Its characteristics are light and flexible, easy to operate, and small turning radius. It is a convenient and economical transportation tool for small and light articles in short distances. It is widely used in warehouses, logistics centers, freight stations, etc.

Due to the different types, properties, weights, shapes, and road conditions of the conveyed goods, the structure of the flat trolleys is also various. The flatbed is a four-wheeled vehicle with a handrail. According to the handle, it can be divided into single handle, double handle, baffle handle, fixed handle and folding handle. Double and triple floors; according to the bottom of the car, it can be divided into flat bottom and skeleton bottom. The selection of stainless steel flat trolleys should be based on the shape and nature of the goods.

Logistic Cart China

Logistic Cart China

Flat trolleys are mainly designed to be light and easy to carry. Due to their convenient use, they are widely used in factory workshops, warehouse logistics, shopping malls, department stores, freight stations or short-distance transportation during transportation. ) And most have no lifting capacity.

The flat folding cart armrest adopts a folding or fixed design. The armrest is tightly connected with the vehicle board, which is light in push and pull and quick in starting. The handrail can be designed as a single handrail and a double handrail according to the actual work needs. It fully meets the push and pull in all directions. The flat plate design is convenient for loading and unloading. It can also be designed as a folded type floor board for work. Small items to prevent slipping during transportation.

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