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[Shopping Trolley supplier]Supermarket trolleys are cluttered

Jun. 19, 2019

Supermarket trolleys are cluttered

There are Australian Shopping Trolley in the front, back and surrounding areas of many shelves in the supermarket. They are scattered in the aisles of the supermarket, and some have even blocked some crossings. Old Mrs Jiang, a frequent visitor to shopping, told reporters that she had to move her cart first almost every time she was at shopping, which was very inconvenient. At the same time, I am also worried that some trolleys running around will hit shopping citizens, as old people like her are easily hit. There are too many people in the supermarket. This habit is not good. It not only brings trouble to others, but also may affect the personal safety of yourself or others. In other supermarkets in our city, we have seen a similar situation. After customers take the goods in the car, they push the trolley, especially around the cash register.

According to a supermarket staff, there is a person in charge of the management of trolleys, but in the rush hours, there will be a "disorderly" distribution of trolleys. Meanwhile, some respondents urged customers to put their trolleys back in their own storage area for the sake of others. They also urged supermarket staff to do their best to clean up the misplaced Australian Style Shopping Trolley.

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