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Shelving manufacturer's suggestion

May. 05, 2019

Shelving manufacturer's suggestion

The main components of supermarket shelves are as follows: column, floor, floor, back board, roof and cover board, support, foot, guardrail, baffle, price tag, etc. Different style components are different, the back can be the center of the back plate, back mesh, orifice plate. Wash the frame also has a light box, light tube, billboards and so on. The supermarket shelves are beautifully designed, easy to install, durable and durable. There are various waysshared by Australian Shopping Trolley exporter to arrange the shelves in supermarkets. Different supermarkets use different ways to arrange the shelves.

1. Grid layout of shelves

This is the traditional layout of the mall. It means that the supermarket shelves and customers' shopping channels are arranged in a rectangular way, and the main channel is the same as the width of the secondary channel, and all shelves are arranged in a parallel or right-angle way. Its advantage is: can make full use of the supermarket sells the space;

Because it is classified, customers can easily identify the product category and distribution characteristics, convenient shopping;

Australian Shopping Trolley exporter

Shelf with conventional specifications can meet the requirements, do not need to customize, saving costs;

To simplify commodity management and security work. A place where products are displayed in supermarkets, stores, shelving factories, shops, etc. Generally, the bearing capacity is less than 200KG per layer. In the choice of supermarket shelves to choose with their own store similar to the atmosphere of the shelves, not too high, or too short, the general height of 1.8 meters to 2. Between 2 meters. Supermarket shelves spacing should not be too high, too high for the lower products, will be a great waste of shelf resources. Generally speaking, the entrance of the mall displays some daily necessities, such as shampoo, paper towels and other common things. Export to put some small goods, eat goods. Common things like oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea should be kept in an easy place to find.

Place them by category: fresh, vegetable, clothing, home appliances, etc. Expensive things are displayed in beautiful display cases, such as cosmetics, which can be displayed on fine shelves. Show ark is leaving lamplight, and glass has is transparent, can reflect the brand image of the product prominently so.

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