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Supermarket trolley use and precautions

Jun. 24, 2019

Extensive use of supermarket trolleys and precautions:

Luggage car is easy to carry, strong and durable. Delivery with a flexible hook fixed rope, easy to bind goods. Is your travel, shopping good helper. Remember, a set of shopping carts in the trunk of your car can be surprisingly convenient.

The Canadian Shopping Trolley handle can adjust the height of handrail according to personal needs and has locking device. The two rear wheels are equipped with manual braking device, which is safer to use. The surface treatment is anti-corrosion and liquid baking paint, which can prevent the breeding and spreading of bacteria in the countryside. Foldable for easy storage and travel, the polyester wheel runs more smoothly and easily. Challenge street shopping turn head rate! Buy for oneself carry convenient, the fold shopping cart that can fold to save a space again in the home, nifty and lovely and practical not only can use shopping, also can do at the same time the convenient small cabinet that puts a dress.

The outer surface of the shopping cart, a shopping cart you do not want to buy a few times on the rust, shopping cart is mostly made of iron, of course, there are plastic once molding products. So when we buy to see the shopping cart surface, coating and spray layer thickness. Generally a larger factory is much better. But we have to be careful not to get wet in ordinary use. Oil and dry surfaces in welds and active areas long before they are used.

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