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Classification Of Supermarket Trolleys

Mar. 26, 2019

Wheelbarrows of different USES have different body structures. Most utility barrows have a platform for carrying goods. Special carts are various in structure, some of the car system into a box, suitable for handling light weight and easy to load and unload goods; Some of the car body out of the bracket, easy to put rods, shafts and pipes and other parts; Some of the car body shape and goods completely consistent, such as gas cylinder car; Some are very small, can be folded, easy to carry; Some in order to facilitate the loading and unloading of barrel liquid, paper rolls and other cylindrical goods, the body of the car has two flat steel forming a low inclined surface, to facilitate the barrel rolling up and down, such as the tubular goods loading and unloading car. Modern trolleys are fitted with rolling bearings and wheels on solid or inflated tyres.

Anti-static Wheels Shopping Cart is made of stainless steel frame, wire mesh, steel column and anti-static nylon wheels made of sheet corners of cylindrical fittings have adjust the clamp and adjust the slot, flexible, lightweight steel column every inch recessed groove circle and take over piece protruding coil assembly, can according to need to adjust the height and effective discharge character of electrostatic charge, quick adjustment, easy to use. Strong and durable, the laminate is divided into mesh and plank, bridge structure, load bearing distribution is even.

                                            Anti-static Wheels Shopping Cart

The silent trolley is novel and beautiful. The body and casters made of synthetic plastic are used to reduce the weight of the whole car. Unique silent, transmission technology design makes the trolley walk silent, light. Widely used in factory, office building, library, hotel, catering industry, logistics transportation and other material handling industry.

The trolley from Supermarket Trolley Manufacturer has different specifications according to different needs (for example: single layer, double layer, hand pull, hand push, etc.), and the selection needs to make a reasonable choice according to the weight of the object and the size of the object.

Wheelbarrow types also include two wheelbarrows and single wheelbarrows, in our country's individual rural and mountainous areas and wooden frame single wheelbarrows are still in use today. The wooden frame unicycle has played an important role in the pre-revolutionary movement of China's liberation war.

Depending on the environment, there are a variety of materials: stainless steel, steel, plastic, aluminum and so on. Stainless steel cart is widely used in food, medical, chemical and other industries, steel cart is widely used in industry, warehousing, electronics and other industries, plastic and aluminum cart because of its light material, easy to carry, generally used in small warehouses, storefronts, shopping malls and other industries.

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