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[Store Shelf Supplier]Small product, big use

Jul. 18, 2019

Heavy-duty Top Display Shelf, small product, big use.

Buy content wears manufacturer buy content to wear appearance is beautiful, easy, practical, layer height can follow adjust, suit product size to change more, workshop produces need, the optional sex of car of line net turnover, can be used to all sorts of attachments more use.

Polyurethane caster, no damage and no trace to the floor of dust-free workshop.

The rack, made up of wire rods and accessories, is convenient, flexible, and can be controlled at any height and size. Therefore, it can be customized according to your fantasy and your special requirements. It is extremely widely used.

The rack is mainly used in automobile industry, electronic manufacturing industry, communication industry, various chemicals, fine hardware, purification workshop and other products and transportation in various production processes. According to the actual needs of customers planning to produce various types of shelves. The company is a research on modern manufacturing field production technology innovation company.

Heavy-duty Top Display Shelf

Primary supply of the following products and services:

1. The manufacturing industry USES carbon steel, stainless steel as raw material, made into mesh;

2. Automobile industrial material distribution system;

3. Peripheral equipment of production mode of mesh;

4. Various active installation and transportation equipment;

5. Active storage system and shelf combination;

6. Dust-free workshop with transport equipment, special machines, active detection machine. Another composite steel pipe, wire rod connector, accessories and slide rail, casters, tooling board and other parts for sale.

It is suitable for the final assembly line of car production, which facilitates the distribution of materials and shortens the moving distance of installation workers, and then saves time and improves the production power. Rack, wire mesh rack, stainless steel rack, wire rod work table, wire rod production line, wire rod, composite pipe, wire rod turnover car, wire rod shelf, wire rod assembly line, etc.

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