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The Little Bump Design on The Supermarket Shopping. What Exactly Does It Do?

Sep. 21, 2018

Shopping in supermarkets is a habit of pushing up to a shopping cart such as American Style Shopping Cart, so that people can be self-indulgent to start the purchase mode. But if you've been pushing a shopping cart so many times, did you notice that there's a bump on the shopping? And there are some that have more than one bump on the car.

Two Basket Shopping Cart

In fact, when you go to the big box store, you may suddenly buy many different types of goods. Whether it's snacking, fresh, or even sometimes even furniture is stuffed into shopping carts, not to mention all kinds of fragile items.

So that makes sense. The shopping cart such as Two Basket Shopping Cart protruding design is designed to let people hang shopping bags or tote bags, because when you buy a lot of different kinds of things, some items like eggs or cookies are very afraid of being squished, then you can put them up and hang them, so you don't have to worry about being pressed.

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