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The Way Supermarket Shelves Are Displayed

Dec. 30, 2019

Display is the basis of sales. The development of an enterprise must be based on good market performance. Without market performance, how can it develop and make money? Which manufacturer would let us sell products to him?

Store Shelf

Store Shelf

Why is there a huge secret in the store shelf? The placement of the goods on the supermarket shelves often determines the sales volume of this product. In recent years, major merchants have been engaged in channel warfare. Terminal battles are actually competing for terminals. Limited shelf resources.

Store shelf manufacturer in china to share with you: Supermarket shelves will be customized according to the number of different layers, generally there are 6 layers, 7 layers, the third from the top, the fourth layer is sales The largest shelf, especially the shelf on the third floor, is generally the layer with the highest sales volume, because the shelf of this layer is basically parallel to the consumer's line of sight and is easily accessible, which is most convenient for consumers to choose. Often major businesses will crowd their heads for these shelves.

According to the height of the shelf display, the shelf can be divided into three sections:

The middle layer is the most easily accessible height for consumers. It is 70cm-160cm for men and 60cm-150cm for women. This height is called the golden position and is generally used to display the main products or products that the company intends to promote; of course, the easier it is to see, The goods you get are also the ones with higher profit in the supermarket!

Secondly, the upper and lower layers of the middle layer are the heights that consumers can get. The men in the lower layer are 160cm-180cm, the women are 150cm-170cm, the men in the lower layer are 40cm-70cm, and the women are 30cm-60cm. For the main products, the second lower layer requires customers to bend their knees to get the goods, so this time the upper layer is more unfavorable. Compared with the lower layer, the upper layer has an advantage over the lower layer, so the proportion of the displayed products will also be larger.

Finally, the upper and lower layers are at a height that is not easy to reach. The upper layer is about 180cm for men and about 170cm for women. It is generally used to display products with low gross profit, complementarity and volume. There can also be some color adjustments and decorative displays on the upper end. Can attract the attention of consumers;

Generally speaking, near the entrance, most of the products are small profits but high sales and frequent purchases to attract you into the door, such as books, slippers, towels, etc., while valuable commodities such as tobacco and alcohol are generally placed in the middle of the supermarket. .

From the perspective of consumer psychology, when shopping in supermarkets, people always think that the goods in front are average and there are better ones, so they tend to buy more at the end.

In general supermarkets, 8:30 to 10:30, the supermarket will welcome 20% of customers a day, of which nearly 90% are middle-aged and elderly. From 18:00 to 20:00, there will be a peak of shopping for one day. 50% of customers will choose to shop in this time, most of them are office workers who have been busy for a day.

Supermarket shopping channels are generally wide and straight. This is to maximize the "stay" time of consumers in the supermarket and avoid them from shortcuts to the cashiers and outlets. The supermarket will also use people's right-hand shopping to place the most profitable products that they want to sell on the right side of the main shopping aisle or display case. When customers pass by, they will be aroused by some unnecessary products, This increases the purchase rate of goods.

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