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Do You Know About the Weight of the Supermarket Shopping Cart?

Nov. 27, 2018

Supermarket shopping carts which maybe from Shopping Cart Exporter are things that people often come into contact with. It seems to be simple. There are also hidden dangers. You must pay attention to safety when using a shopping cart. What is the capacity of the supermarket shopping cart? Next, Xiaobian introduces you. .

With the influx of foreign-funded enterprises into the north and south of China, not only has our economic development been promoted, but also new technologies have been brought. As the company continues to increase production and expand capacity, the company's product standardization and efficiency are naturally mentioned on the agenda. Supermarket shopping carts are an important tool for shopping modernization and efficiency, so the shopping cart industry has emerged. European shopping carts are divided into 60L, 80L, 100L, 125L, 150L, etc. according to the most common volume. There are two types of supermarket shopping carts: the common ones are European shopping carts and Japanese shopping carts. European shopping carts are divided into two categories: the first type is a bracket type shopping cart, and the second type is a tray type shopping cart;

How the shopping cart is often used in supermarkets, but the supermarket shopping cart is not allowed to carry any goods. The supermarket shopping cart must not carry more than 50 kilograms. If it exceeds the shopping cart, it will even make shopping. The car is damaged.

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