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Classification of Shopping Carts in Supermarkets

Oct. 08, 2018

Shopping carts such as Canadian Shopping Trolley first appeared in the American market and then slowly entered our country. As we joined the domestic enterprises to learn a lot about the opening of self-selection supermarkets in the United States, we gradually eliminated the vintage store and made shopping carts available to enter the domestic market. General shopping carts fall into the following categories:

Shopping Basket Exporter

Bracket shopping cart which come from Shopping Basket Exporter

The frame shopping car basket is made of cold rolled steel wire, and the car body surface is treated with a color similar to stainless steel. The addition of polyurethane wheels makes our cart stand out more prominently in shopping. The bracket type shopping cart evolved from the American shopping cart, and the basic functions were similar, which were mostly seen in small supermarkets.

Pallet shopping cart

The tray shopping cart, commonly known as "American shopping cart", has three functions. First, the basket has the place where children sit, which is convenient for women or people with children to shopping. Shopping carts of other styles are still far smaller than american-style ones.

Japanese shopping cart

Japanese shopping carts do not have a special volume division, commonly used is the body frame on the shopping iron frame, the next is placed basket tray. The advantage is that shopping cart and basket can be used at the same time. The disadvantage is that the storage of goods is worse than continental shopping.

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