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5 Things to Know About Taking Baby to The Supermarket's Shopping Cart

Oct. 29, 2018

Many parents like to take their children to the supermarket shopping, and the supermarket also provides shopping cart such as Plastic Shopping Carts China with baby seat very humanely. Adults often think that it is safe to let children sit on the shopping cart when shopping in the supermarket, but the shopping cart has some hidden dangers.

Plastic Shopping Carts China

1. Pay attention to the quality of the shopping cart from Cart Corral Exporter, especially the seat of the baby, check the structure and load-bearing capacity of the shopping cart, as well as the flexibility and inclination of the car, so as to ensure that the car is safe for the child to be on the shopping cart seat.

2. The space of shopping cart such as Metal Shopping Carts China baby seat should be suitable for your baby. For example, the space of shopping cart seat is narrow and small, but the child is overweight, so that the child is easy to get stuck. If the space slants big, the child is relatively young, sit on the effect that does not have safe protection on the chair.

3. Do not put the child in the shopping cart box to avoid the risk of children's autonomous activities when adult shopping.

4. Do not let the baby stand in the shopping cart, especially the big child. When pulling the shopping cart or the baby's activity, it is easy to cause the risk of the child's weight instability and fall, and even get out of the shopping cart.

5. Let your baby use his fingers and toes to close the gap of the shopping cart to prevent him from being scratched by hand, toe or metal.

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