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The PFLOW Shopping Cart

Jan. 15, 2018

The safety and convenience for the consumer during shopping from modern equipments will be more and more important in the retailing field. So the PFLOW Shopping Cart will have a great advantage to avoid the risks of shopping cart drop from the lift and it had been widely used in the West. Winleader had offered many customers with these customized PFLOW shopping carts.

What is the advantage for PFLOW Shopping carts? The Metal Shopping Cart elevator are separated with the lift for people in up and down elevator. So it can prevent the shopping cart landslide risks well and make sure the safety of the people.

Since the early eighties, large retailers have traditionally located their businesses in large, single story buildings in the suburbs. This trend, known as “Big Box” retailing, typically requires 12 to 14 acres of land to provide enough space for the average 120,000 square foot store and sufficient parking.

Realizing an untapped market, many larger retailers are now moving back into urban areas where property is more dense and expensive. In order to utilize these urban locations, the retailers are forced to build multi-level stores.

Several problems are created when shopping is done on multiple levels; one being the requirement to move customers with their shopping carts (or trolleys or buggies) between the levels. This problem is not easily solved with traditional means of vertical transportation. Elevators are not efficient for moving the high volume required and inclined moving walkways have not been successful for several reasons.

Because moving walkways are required to be installed at a less then 12-degree inclination, they take up a huge amount of retail space. In addition, all the shopping carts must be outfitted with special casters that have internal brakes to keep them from rolling away on the incline. Furthermore, wheeled carriages (such as baby strollers) without the special casters are prone to creating damage and injury.

A major US retailer, who already used Pflow Industries’ vertical conveyor systems for moving pallets, challenged Pflow to solve the problem of safely and efficiently moving China Shopping Trolley between levels.

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Winleader could offer you the customized PFLOW shopping carts.

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