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Metal Shopping Cart Features

Nov. 15, 2018

There are many Metal Shopping Carts Retail,But do you know the Metal shopping cart features? 

Metal Shopping Carts Retail

1. Light weight, toughness, impact resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-skid design. High-grade beauty, strong durability.

2. Handrails: SPCC seamless steel pipe with thickness of 2.0mm. Electroplating by three - plating, three - casting process chromium plating.

3. Silent castor: the wheel bracket is composed of nylon plus various other components.

4. Castor bearing: specially designed 6201 and 6303 ball bearings are adopted, and the clearance standard of precision bearing makes castor more lubricated, with small rolling resistance and mute.

5, castor rubber: give priority to with natural rubber, plus other formula materials, make the wheels have good flexibility, ` no drag marks, castor's overall strong impact resistance.

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