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The Safety Hazard of The Shopping Cart

Dec. 07, 2018

For example, the wheel of the shopping cart such as 5”Escalator Wheels Shopping Cart has to be arranged to adapt to the structure of the elevator, and there is a wide and deep recess in the middle of the wheel. In this case, if the shopping cart full of merchandise is accidentally crushed to the human foot, it will be very painful and even accidentally injured. Secondly, the child often takes the shopping cart as a toy, which is easy to collide with the surrounding customers or goods. And when a customer is hit by a shopping cart such as Australian Shopping Trolley pushed by other customers in the mall, who is responsible for this responsibility? In addition, we sometimes find that the customer's shopping cart is overweight, such as putting too many items, or two children crawling into the shopping cart to play, sometimes finding that some 10 year old children like to sit in the Canadian Shopping Trolley, even adults. Also play in the shopping cart, or tired to sit on the edge of the shopping cart. In fact, the load-bearing capacity of the shopping cart has a range. Overweight load is easy to be dangerous. In addition, if the shopping cart is too heavy, it is difficult to control and it is easy to hit other people or goods around.

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