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Supermarket Shopping Carts Use Safety Knowledge

Nov. 05, 2018

When using a supermarket shopping cart such as American Shopping Cart, you should pay attention to the following safety knowledge:

American Shopping Cart

(1) in the process of shopping, be careful not to pull the shopping cart quickly, avoid hitting people or shopping cart such as Two Basket Shopping Cart, and prevent things from falling down and hitting people.

(2) do not overload or uneven load-bearing, in case the vehicle tilts.

(3) please do not put drinks and glassware on the front of shopping such as Kids Shopping Trolley.

(4) please do not leave the child alone in the car to prevent the risk of the child's free movement in the car.

Above is small make up for everybody summary of a few supermarket safety small knowledge, hope everybody can read earnestly to carry out practically, put all dangerous put an end to outside us.

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