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What Should You Pay Attention to When Using The Shopping Cart?

Sep. 12, 2018

As a Grocery Cart Manufacturer, we want to say when the shopping cart is moving fast and the brake is jerking, the children inside the cart will lean forward due to inertia. If you are not careful, you will fall out of the car. The shopping cart such as American Shopping Cart itself has a child's seat, and parents should let the child face themselves, turn their backs on the cart and sit astride the seat.

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No standing in the car, no lying on the edge, no shopping cart for children over 15 kg!

If the weight is placed on the first half of the cart at shopping, it is easy to tip over if you are not careful. Since the supermarket trolley is usually turned by the rear wheel, the basket is designed to be small in front and large in back. In order to put more items behind the basket, the weight of the car will be left behind, thus making the cart and steering more portable. So putting the weight behind the cart makes it easier and safer to push. So try not to put the weight in the first half of the shopping cart at shopping.

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