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Procurement Guide for Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Shelves

May. 30, 2020

We all know that fruit and vegetable supermarkets must have shelves, so today Store Shelf Supplier will take you to a comprehensive understanding of fresh fruit and vegetable shelves, and some tips for selecting shelves.

First look at the materials. Vegetable and Fruit Shelf has a variety of materials including wooden shelves and steel-wood combined shelves.

The all-wood shelf is obviously called because it is made of wood, without adding steel at all. The shelf of this material is usually used to display the sale of grain and cereals, as well as some dried fruits.

The steel-wood combined fruit frame is supported by high-quality square tube structural steel, and the wood is used as the display frame. This material structure frame is simple to manufacture, easy to disassemble, very strong, and convenient to transport.

The advantage of the steel fruit and vegetable rack is that its structure is relatively simple. With steel as the frame, fruits and vegetables are displayed in the display basket, which can be combined at will, and the display effect is very good. The above is a display of fruits, and some goods can be placed below, which is very convenient to use. Fresh fruit and vegetable shelves generally use steel frames, steel-wood composite shelves, or wooden product shelves. The shapes used are generally square and rectangular, with single-layer and multi-layer display effects.

Then, looking at the size, the shelves of fruit and vegetable supermarkets are generally customized. Even if there are stock shelves, manufacturers need to actually measure them in the store and then arrange the size of the shelves according to the actual situation.

Vegetable And Fruit Shelf

Vegetable And Fruit Shelf

After discussing the size of fruit and vegetable racks in supermarkets, let's discuss the selection and purchase techniques of fruit and vegetable racks.

1. The average fruit store is usually not too big, so it is not appropriate to choose large shelves for supermarkets. When choosing the size of fruit and vegetable racks, it is necessary to not only ensure the display effect but also facilitate the customers to pick up the goods. The arm length of a normal person is generally 60-70 cm, which means that when people put objects on a horizontal line, they can reach the furthest place. The editor reminds that if the width of the vegetable and fruit shelves is too wide, it is difficult to choose the fruits inside.

2. The supermarket fresh fruit and vegetable shelves are the same as the supermarket shelves. The product placement must be stable and not easy to fall, and the choice of materials must meet the positioning of your own fruit and vegetable supermarkets. For high-end positioning, you can choose wooden product shelves, steel-wood combined shelves, general positioning suggestions You can choose both, some hot products have slightly better shelves, and other steel shelves can also be selected, mainly depending on your related needs.

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