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What Is the Assembly Method of Vegetable and Fruit Shelves?

Mar. 31, 2020

With the rapid development of society and the economy, people's living standards are gradually improving. Now the fresh food supermarket business is booming. The first choice for us to open fresh food supermarkets is vegetable and fruit shelves. The store shelf supplier tells you how to assemble vegetables and fruits.

Vegetable and fruit shelves are placed in a free-flowing manner, with the convenience of customers as the starting point, in an attempt to maximize the display of products in front of customers.

On the aisle of each floor of the store shelf, a certain sloped track with rails is installed, and the unit cargo entering the warehouse flows from the storage end to the storage end under the effect of gravity.

Raise a column and place the butterfly hole of the column downwards. Pick up a beam and snap the end of the beam into the butterfly hole. Insert the remaining beam into the butterfly hole of the column according to the size you want. Inside.

Vegetable and fruit shelves can be flexibly designed into two-story, multi-story and fully use space according to the actual site and needs.

Vegetable And Fruit Shelves

Vegetable And Fruit Shelf

The display layout of the vegetable and fruit shelves is fresh and natural, giving people a bright feeling. The vegetable and fruit shelves do not use monotonous white strips, but instead use multi-colour and multi-functional display racks, which can bring different customers. Shock and impact.

Stainless steel vegetable and fruit shelves are not easy to rust, easy and fast to clean, strong load-bearing capacity, easy installation, and very reliable to use.

A large multi-layer fruit and vegetable rack with a large display area is the most practical. A single-layer fruit and vegetable rack can be considered to use a single-layer fruit and vegetable rack in the middle area of a convenience store as a promotional stand.

The purpose of the fruit and vegetable store promotion is to increase the turnover rate of fruit and vegetables, reduce losses and increase sales. Operators must ensure greater benefits to customers during promotions, and they can be sold at cost. Earning reputation is more important than popularity.

When the modern management concepts of cost-saving and efficiency improvement become the first consideration for managers, how to effectively use the warehouse space and how to increase the storage capacity of the warehouse have also been given important status. Therefore, we must master a reasonable layout method to make the supermarket more attractive.

What I have introduced to you above is the assembly method of vegetable and fruit shelves. We must master the correct operation methods so that the vegetable and fruit shelves can play a greater role in our lives.

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