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Advantages of the Supermarket Shelf Grid Layout

Mar. 18, 2020

Supermarket shelves play a big role in supermarkets. Supermarket shelves can help supermarkets get more consumption and attention. Then it must be said that the layout of supermarket shelves in the supermarket is placed. Supermarkets do more with less. Today, store shelf manufacturers will talk about the advantages of a grid-like layout!

The grid layout of the supermarket shelves is a more traditional layout. It is more common in large supermarket stores. The grid layout is a product that is arranged in a square shape and divided into the product display shelves and customer channels. The width of the main channel and the auxiliary channel All are consistent, all convenience store shelves are arranged in parallel or at right angles to each other.

This layout has the following advantages:

1). Create a serious and efficient atmosphere;

2). The aisle is designed according to the needs of passenger flow, which can make full use of the store space;

3). The commodity shelves are placed in a standard way, which is convenient for customers to purchase;

4). Easy to adopt standardized shelves, which can save costs;

5). Help customers enjoy shopping, simplify product management and security.

Store Shelf

Store Shelf 

What store shelf can do in a pharmacy:

A pharmacy is also a must-have place in our lives. If you feel uncomfortable, you will go to the pharmacy to buy medicines. Do we pay attention to the shelves where medicines are placed when buying? What is the effect of this kind of pharmacy shelves in the pharmacy category?

First, add storage space

A very important feature of pharmacy shelves is that it can add storage space well, and can better display and display various drugs, and can better distinguish different types of drugs. Come, it is more conducive to people's release.

Promote activities between goods

It can play a role in promoting the activities of goods, can make goods better handle, and facilitate the storage and handling of different goods of medicines.

In summary, the functions of pharmacy shelves are now widely used in pharmacies and have become important equipment that pharmacies must demand. When users choose this equipment, they also need to make a reasonable selection in accordance with the situation of the pharmacy. purchase.

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